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A Safe Person and a Sympathetic Ear

When I really stopped and thought about this for a while, it was easy to draw parallels between these people and victims of sexual abuse, or even abuse in general. The whirlwind of negative and self-destructive emotions that a person goes through with abuse mirror the same for abductees. Those abused often try to drive the experience from their mind, which causes a lot of other psychological issues. Or, because they CAN’T drive it from their minds, they lash out at the world. They also, almost always, go on to suffer from some form of depression.

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A few announcements…

The last couple of weeks I’ve been going over a lot of things and discussing plans for the future with my manager/partner/wife Liz.  Since I am going to be going into full-on writing mode again soon, I am going to be limiting my blog posts to just one a week now.  After today I will only be doing posts on Thursdays and the nature of that post will vary from week to week (instead of the sortof themed lore posts on Thursdays and the fun posts on Tuesdays since I began blogging several months ago).  The content will be far more influenced by my readers from now on.

Ask me your questions!

If there are questions you’d like to ask, please ask them!  I will do my best to answer them.  You can either post here in the comments, email me on my site, or contact me via facebook (comment or message) and I promise that I will review and respond to every question/opinion/thought sent my way.  I want to be an author who is engaged with my readers, so please don’t be shy!

Thanks again!

Thank you to everyone who purchased and read The White Wolf and The Darkness and especially to everyone who supported and continues to support my work.  Have a wonderful day.