Welcome to the many worlds of Kevin Gubernatis

Image showing book cover and ebook "The White Wolf and the Darkness"

Here you will find materials on all of my fantastical and exciting settings and stories, from the Soul Star Galaxy of The White Wolf and The Darkness, to the unconventional world of Riflen and the many noble and ignoble creatures that live there. (Not to mention some super heroes and villains and maybe even a love story here and there.)

Please explore and enjoy what there is to see and be sure to visit back from time to time and see what new wonders I have for you.

Thank you for visiting and for reading, and as always, have a wonderful day!

When he’s not writing the next book set in the Soul Star Galaxy, Kevin is playing and reviewing video games, having an existential aside about heroism and villainy, wandering about the internet in search of illustrative imagery, or just sitting back and eating a delicious meal prepared by his amazing wife. Thoughts about all this, lore, and more, found here on the blog.