A Safe Person and a Sympathetic Ear

Hey everyone, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted.  This is an article that I’ve been trying to articulate in some way or another for awhile now.  I was going to post it last month, but I didn’t want anyone to think that I was trying to tie it in with Halloween, which would have been in very bad taste.  I hope this is helpful to at least some of you.

I’ve never tried to be secretive about the fact that I am into the paranormal. I’m kind of an avid paranormalist. Over the last few years I’ve been delving deeper into the aspect of ETs and UFOs and the like. I’m not going to get into arguing whether or not you or I or anyone else thinks or believes the phenomena are legitimate. That isn’t what this post is about. What I want to talk about are contactees. That is, people who claim to have – whether they wanted to or not – encountered ETs personally. These break down into about three groups.

-Experiencers – people who have simply seen or engaged with ETs in some manner.

-Contactees or Contacts – people who have consensual relationships with ET’s and contact them on a regular basis (no, this is not necessarily – nor even usually – of a sexual nature).

-Abductees – people who have been – or are being – regularly abducted against their will for whatever reason (the reasons often vary from person to person).

Some of you may have heard me speak from time to time about how frustrating it is when people dismiss things like aggressive hauntings or possession. It doesn’t ever matter what you, or I, or the man in the moon believes about these subjects. For the people experiencing them, it is VERY real and they almost never seek the aid that they need for fear of being ostracized and thought of as crazy. And make NO mistake, no matter what they are going through – mental illness, paranoia, anxiety, haunting, possession, or even being terrorized deliberately by another human being secretively (this HAS happened) – they desperately NEED support.

For hauntings and possession, especially if they happen to be very religious – and especially if their religion happens to be Christian – they can get that aid. They can find the support they need to muscle through all of the pain of their experiences. They can contact their church or temple and get advice and guidance from their religious caregiver. And while hauntings are not necessarily that traumatic, the surge in ghost hunting and paranormal investigation groups over the last several years means that people experiencing that at least have like-minded people to talk to who will understand.

Abductees have almost no one to go to, and so it is abductees that I’d like to talk about. People who experience abduction have absolutely no idea how to cope with what is happening to them in most cases. They usually don’t feel safe telling even their loved ones, for fear of scaring them, or worse, being rejected by them. They experience a violation in the highest degree (many abductees experience medical procedures that they remember as sexual abuse, some are simply sexually abused) and they have no one to turn to, because they feel that no one will believe what they are saying.

When I really stopped and thought about this for a while, it was easy to draw parallels between these people and victims of sexual abuse, or even abuse in general. The whirlwind of negative and self-destructive emotions that a person goes through with abuse mirror the same for abductees. Those abused often try to drive the experience from their mind, which causes a lot of other psychological issues. Or, because they CAN’T drive it from their minds, they lash out at the world. They also, almost always, go on to suffer from some form of depression.

To those of you who have no experience with this kind of thing, or who are debunkers or naysayers (because you’re not skeptics, skeptics don’t denounce, they ask questions), please keep any negative comments or views to yourself. The people mentioned herein have enough to worry about without having to see any negative or mean-spirited comments.

If you want to have a debate about any of this stuff with me, please feel free to email me directly if you have my address, message me on Facebook, or contact me through the website this is article is posted on, but do not comment here. Or just understand that any negative comments will simply be deleted as they are contrary to the purposes of this article.

As a personal aside to this, I’d just like to say that if someone you know DOES confide in you about these kinds of experiences and you dismiss them, it’s kind of like dismissing someone who’s told you that they’ve been raped.

They are victims.

They have been violated.

They need HELP.

That’s why I am writing this article. I cannot begin to pretend to understand what these people are going through. I have never seen an alien…I don’t think. I have wanted to, but I don’t think that I have, or I was at least unaware of it at the time if I did. I have also never been abducted from my home. I’d like to think of how I would react in that situation, but the truth is that every single abductee has claimed that they had almost no control over what was happening to them. So it doesn’t matter what one might or might not do. It is happening to you, whether you like it or not, and all you can do is experience it.

I HAVE, however, been abused. I have been psychologically tortured and brainwashed and I have had no one to turn to when that was happening to me. Nor did I even understand that it was happening to me. So I understand what that is like, at least, and it is why I want to help. That is the purpose of this article. Not to debate pointlessly over whether or not aliens are real, but to reach out to people who need help.

Over and over in my research I have read and heard people thanking personalities like Art Bell, or the Coast to Coast show – or celebrity contactees like Whitley Strieber, or Simon Parkes or Alex Collier. Not for sharing their own stories, or fighting for official disclosure, but for being a person who will listen to these people’s stories of abuse and violation and not dismiss or judge them. For being out in the open to take the public ridicule so that they don’t have to, because living with this kind of pain and not being able to talk about it openly compounds it.

So that’s what I want to do. That’s why I am writing this article – to show those who read it what I am: A safe person to talk to about these kinds of experiences. I think that anyone who knows me knows that I am always here to help anyone with…well, just about anything. Specifically, I am – and can always be – a sympathetic ear regarding abuse – especially parental abuse.

I want to make it clear as well: if you have had in the past or are now having experiences with abduction – you can talk to me about it. I will listen, I will believe, and, most importantly, I will not judge you. I will also speak to no one regarding what you tell me, unless you expressly tell me that I can. I am here for you.

So that’s my deal. I’m opening myself up to public ridicule and attack so that these people don’t have to. It’s easy for me, since I grew up with constant public ridicule and most people I know already think that I am strange. So I can take it.

I hope that all of your lives are filled with more joy than sorrow and I hope that all of you have a wonderful day.