Asala, An Excerpt…

To give you a taste of the book, I’m releasing some excerpts from The White Wolf and The Darkness from the point of view of each main character. Enjoy the thoughts of Asala, the Knower…

Michaels had not been off-base in asking Asala and Samar about secrets.  With everything the way it was playing out, she’d have had similar thoughts.  She only hoped that they’d be able to figure it all out in time. In time for what, exactly? she thought, reminding herself that on the other hand, they had all the time in the world. The Vievaytr and its crew were here on a rescue mission.  She refocused, as she expected that someone had been left alive on board and that time may be running out for them.

As this thought crossed Asala’s mind she again heard the screaming.  It seemed it was coming from all around her.  She gripped the hilt of her sword at her belt and brought the image of a candle flame into her mind.  She focused on this image to clear her thoughts of anything distracting.  It was an ancient meditation technique she’d been taught on Earth.  It was easy to focus on an actual object, but she had been taught to improvise and practiced in focusing on images conjured within her mind.  These could not be affected by outside forces and would allow the magician a perfect focus for clearing the mind.

Suddenly, the image of the candle guttered out as if someone had blown on the flame or opened a door that let in wind.  She found she could not conjure the image in her mind again, no matter how much she tried.  She couldn’t understand it.  Something was actively countering her attempts to meditate, and brazenly.

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