King, An Excerpt…

To give you a taste of the book, I’m releasing some excerpts from The White Wolf and The Darkness from the point of view of each main character. Enjoy this look from the perspective of King, the Believer…

“Wait a second,” Thomas let out, slowly.  “If these guys are like the others from the Dark Star and under that things control, then who did this?”

“What?!” King asked, as if the question were absurd.  It was the Shadow, of course.  Wasn’t it?  “What are you talking about?”

“He’s right,” Taylor agreed.  “That….whatever it is, doesn’t kill its own and those things do not attack each other.  So who killed all of these?”  Taylor made a gesture encompassing the bodies in the corridor.

“Maybe this is the way Robinson and the others came,” Marnie suggested, “when they were ambushed?”

“Negative,” King said. “They wouldn’t have come all the way to the bow of the ship.   They were headed to the Engine room which is in the bowels of the ship, five levels below us and there are about six or seven other ways they could have gone that would have been faster and safer.  Maybe Samar and the others made it back on board.”

“Or maybe something worse than any of those things is loose on our ship,” Trask threw out ominously.  “Look at some of these wounds, some are laser fire, but some are massive contusions.  Like some great hulking beast slammed its fist into them.”  King looked down and saw that what Trask was saying was true; a bioscan showed that most of these people had suffered severe impact trauma that shattered their bones.

What could be worse than the Devil?

Want to find out what could be worse?

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