Michaels, An Excerpt…

To give you a taste of the book, I’m releasing some excerpts from The White Wolf and The Darkness from the point of view of each main character. Enjoy this ride with Michaels, the Skeptic…

Samar spoke up first. “We have to get these people to the Vievaytr, before we do anything else,” he said flatly. “That man may need medical attention and we need to be able to protect the others.  We can’t do that towing them around the station.   We’ll take them to the airlock and to safety, then figure out whether we try to sort this out or fade.”

Michaels was grinning like a cat by the time Samar had finished.  He turned to Asala, who was also grinning, though Samar could see her and when the Sergeant turned to her, to get her reaction, she dropped the smile and gave him her most serious and solemn nod.

Maybe Samar is alright after all.

Asala turned to the rest of the party and said “Alright, we’re heading out.  Gather whatever belongings you have and we will escort you to our ship, where you will be taken care of.”

Everyone started to prepare to leave, and then a voice cut through the elation.

“Wait a second,” Robinson said, “what about the other survivor?”

Michaels looked at Robinson, thinking he was nuts, and asked, “What other survivor?”

“The one in the utility closet.  The one you mentioned earlier.  I saw the screen, he didn’t move either, which means he’s not under that thing’s –whatever it is- influence and still alive.”

Michaels almost shot him.  Son of a bitch.

What happens next?

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