Holy crap I’m an author!

Ok well technically not QUITE yet, but in less than a week The White Wolf and The Darkness will be my first published work.  The first of many, I hope, frankly.  It’s been a sort of  crazy unexpected road my wife and I took when we endeavored on this whole project.  Then again, that’s been pretty much our lives since we met and it seems to be working out pretty damned well for us.  I want to say, first, that this simply would not have come to pass without the unyielding love and support of my Lizzy.  Not only would I have never published anything, but I doubt I would have ever had the confidence to write anything and ever think it was worth reading.  That point brings me to another good one…

If you are a writer, or if you want to be a writer I have three simple and easy pieces of advice.  This advice I will dispense…now.

1st Write.

Keep on writing.  Write some more.  I don’t mean spend every waking hour writing, but I do mean to listen to and give in to the muse when it descends.  If you are passionate about something, write about it.  If you have a story in your heart, get it out and onto paper, worry about fine-tuning it later.  Which brings me to….

2nd Share what you write.

Share it first with someone who loves you.  This person will encourage you and be thrilled to read something you’ve written.  Next, as my wife would say, give it to your grammar police friend.  This person will point out all of your spelling and grammatical errors and make you feel all butt-hurt, but will ultimately make your work better.  THEN, share it with others who write or create, or folks who love a good story.  These people will expand your mind and offer you places to go with your story that you didn’t think you could, or would.  I realize that I kind of hit the jackpot with this and got all of those people in one, but people tell me I ‘m lucky, what can I say.  And finally…

3rd Read what others write.

This kind of goes with number two, but bear with me.  When sharing your work with others who also write, encourage them to share their own work and when you do, be kind.  If you have ever put word to paper, you know that you are your own worst critic and that you are likely very self-conscious about your work.  So are just about ALL other writers worth their salt.  We’re all afraid that we don’t know what we’re doing, or don’t deserve to be heard, no matter how cavalier or confident we seem.  Remember this when reading the work of someone you know.  Be a safe place for them, as they are for you.  End of advice.

So yeah, this whole Published Author thing is something I am still trying to wrap my head completely around.  I have a book signing in January.  Me — Kevin Gubernatis — has a book signing at the local Hastings here in St. Joseph.  What?!?  I will be the guy that sits there and talks pleasantly with you about his book while sipping coffee.  Me.  I am an author.  I have written a novel.  It’s one of those things that you think anyone can do, and anyone CAN do it, but few people do.  It is an accomplishment; I have accomplished something with my life.  It is not the thing I THOUGHT I would accomplish, as I am not Batman, but I’m quite happy with it none the less.

I’d like to take a minute to thank everyone who helped this to come to fruition.  ALL my beta readers, everyone who supported the book on facebook or word of mouth and everyone who pre ordered, thank you so much.  I am going to again, and not for the last time, thank my beautiful and spectacular wife, who is my reason for living.  Thank you Lizzy, from the bottom of my heart.

Holy crap I’m an author and you can too!

Any questions or comments about being a self published author, or just writing/editing/publishing in general?  Leave them in the comments and Liz or I will answer as best we can.  Thank you all for reading and as always, have a wonderful day.

Oh by the way I was totally kidding before.

I’m Batman.