Happy Thanksgiving

It’s thanksgiving, a time to reflect upon the last year and be reminded of what we have and are thankful to have.  I find that this year I have much and more to be thankful for.  I will be, as of Sunday, December 1st, a published author.  This wouldn’t have been possible for me a year ago, not just because of life circumstances, but simply by the virtue of the fact that I had not written a book at that time.  I wrote a novel.  I am coming to grips with that accomplishment for myself as I write these words.  I used to think of it as not such a big deal, but people in my life do not.  Having achieved this endeavor is no small feat, not everyone has the drive or gumption to actually finish a novel.  This makes me a little sad, because I know in my heart that everyone has a story inside them that needs and deserves to be free.

It is also a time  for stuffing one’s face full of plant and animal matter that has been arranged into delicious shapes by expert foodcrafters like my wife.  We have an amazing tradition in our house for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We drive up to Omaha before or after these holidays and spend a few days with my wife’s awesome family.  We then abscond back to St. Joseph with her brother and spend the next week simply hanging out together.  Sometimes we play games, sometimes we just watch movies, but we spend this time together enjoying each others’ company.  This is my favorite part of the holidays in my recent life.  I say my recent life, because this tradition is young, only a few years old, but I hope that it endures for many years.

I am deeply thankful for all that I have accomplished this year.  It would not be possible to have accomplished these things without the love and support of the people in my life, for whom I am even more thankful.  To all of my family near and far, to everyone who has supported the book and to everyone who has simply listened while I talked:  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I cannot possibly express my gratitude to you enough for being in my life and enriching it with your presence.

From my soul to yours, Happy Thanksgiving.