The Darkness, An Excerpt…

To give you a taste of the book, I’m releasing some excerpts from The White Wolf and The Darkness from the point of view of each main character. Enjoy this glimpse of an avatar of The Darkness…

As the lights hit the area, Asala was aware she and Jedo both took in sharp breaths.  The light showed a pair of feet and legs standing near the left side of the hallway, facing the wall.  Jedo moved the light upward and the rest of the person who stood there came into view.  It was a man, wearing an orange utility uniform similar to the one Asala had seen Thomas wearing earlier.  His hair was a medium length and black and he had placed his face and both hands on the wall with fingers spread.

Asala looked back at Jedo who was transfixed on the scene before them.  His eyes went wide and she looked back to see that the man had shifted slightly and was not, in fact, pressing his face into the wall, but was licking the wall.  Licking it as if he were trying to discern what the recipe for metal space station wall was.

Both Asala and Jedo backed off a step.  Asala was not sure what to do.  The man was obviously possessed, but by what?  She did not sense a demon and neither had one tried to make contact with her.  Asala did not believe the person before her was entirely human anymore, let alone in control of himself and the idea of fighting right now seemed a little risky with Jedo along.  The elevator was not far away, if they could edge around him and get to it, they might be able to get it going before anything happened.

Want to discern the recipe for yourself?

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