This is where to find all your Soul Star Galaxy Goodies! Inspired by the novel The White Wolf and The Darkness and other Soul Star Tales, we’ve got gear for all you bright souls. Whether you’ve fallen in love with Private King’s personal journey, been rooting for Michaels to work it out, cheered on Asala’s ass-kicking, or found yourself afraid of the Darkness, represent!

We’ve got apparel, accessories, and all kinds of office/stationery goodies… and a few “just because” special items. I have to admit, the light switch cover might be my favorite. It’s so silly, and so perfect. Order your favorite(s) today! All our products are available through the Soul Star Swag Zazzle store, where you can find our gear or explore Zazzle to make your own. Have a suggestion for a product you’d like to see? Tell me about it! If  we make your product, we’ll credit you as the inspiration and maybe you’ll even find a surprise in your mailbox one day!



Office and Stationery

Just Because…